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Frequently Asked Questions

Real questions I've been asked more than once

So your pronouns are they/he? Which one should I use?

Whichever you like! You're welcome to pick one and stick to it or switch 'em up. If you're new to they/them pronouns, feel free to use me as practice to get used to them. If you want to avoid explaining pronouns or non-binary identities when talking with friends/family/coworkers about your real estate journey, feel free to use he/him for me.

Will sellers tell us if their house is haunted?

Sellers in Minnesota are not legally required to disclose hauntings--probably because it's difficult (but not impossible) to prove a haunting in a court of law. 

I'm looking for a home a ways outside the Twin Cities. Do you work there, too?

When time permits, I'll drive up to an hour outside the cities for clients. Let me know where you're looking and when, and we'll see if I've got room in my client list to do a little road tripping!

Can you help me and my friends buy a triplex/mansion/farm commune together?

I'd love to! Co-owning a home with friends is becoming a more and more popular idea, and for good reason. It can be tricky to get all the moving pieces to work in a deal like this, so you'll have to be communicative, tenacious, and open and honest with your co-buyers. Also be aware that if none of you can afford a mortgage on your own, it's possible that you also won't be able to afford one as a group, either. I'm happy to help you figure out if this dream is possible!

Can you help me buy a farm in Wisconsin?

Nope! At this point in time, I'm only licensed in Minnesota. 

Can you help me buy a store/office building/warehouse/etc?

While anyone with a real estate license can sell commercial real estate, I currently only specialize in residential. I have some colleagues who are great with commercial properties and would be happy to refer you to them!

Can you recommend me a [insert profession here]?

Potentially! I have recs for inspectors, title companies, general contractors, electricians, a stained glass pro, and more. If I know someone good, I'm happy to share.

Can you take me on a tour of this funky mansion I found on Zillow?

If you're seriously looking for a funky mansion, yes! If you're just curious and want to snoop around a funky mansion...honestly, SAME, but no. I don't generally take non-clients on "just for fun" tours, out of respect for the sellers. 

Do I have to pay you?

If you're buying a home, 99% of the time the answer is no--I get my commission from the sellers' side. If you're selling a home, yes--I'll negotiate a commission to split with whoever brings us a buyer.

Did you knit/crochet that sweater? 

Yeah, probably.

What do your knuckle tattoos say?


What's your favorite part of your job?

My clients! I love my colleagues and am an incorrigible house snoop, but the clients are the best part of my job by far. This job introduces me to so many wonderful, kind, funny, fascinating people and lets me support them through a major life event. It's an honor and a genuine pleasure.

How do I get started working with you?

Reach out via my contact form or email me directly at, and we'll arrange a Zoom meetup to talk about your situation and goals, answer your questions, and see if I'm the right fit for you! 

Bonus question: Has Toby learned to sit like a normal cat yet?


He has not.

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